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The opening of the “ASAN service” Center No 3 of the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovation has been held in Baku.

The opening of the “ASAN service” Center No 3 of the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been held on September 17 in Baku.


The opening of the “ASAN service” Center No 3 of the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been held on September 17 in Baku.

The opening of the “ASAN service” Center No 3 of the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been held on September 17 in Baku.

The opening ceremony was attended by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

In recent years, considerable work has been done in Azerbaijan on the application of information and communication technologies to government agencies and the necessary legal framework put in place. Most government agencies have ensured the provision of electronic services to the population. Such services prevent any bureaucratic red-tape and corruption and make public services more accessible to citizens. An even more important step in this direction was taken on 13 July 2012, when the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the “ASAN service” centers were established. On 5 September, the regulations and the organizational chart of the agency were approved. The purpose of this structure is to set up a single center for the management of “ASAN service” centers, which will provide direct services to citizens. This includes coordination of the work of government officials dealing with the service centers, monitoring and evaluation, mutual integration of databases of government agencies, facilitation of electronic services and improvement of management in this area. “ASAN service” center No. 1 was established as a pilot project in Baku on 29 December 2012. The Sumgait center was opened on 3 May 2013, while Baku “ASAN service” center No. 2 was launched on 24 May 2013. Most of the applications to the three centers are associated with receipt and replacement of identity cards, the replacement of driver's license, as well as notary activities, migration and property issues.

The “ASAN service” centers initially provided 23 legal services. Now the list of services has been supplemented by the provision of personal permits for employment to foreigners and stateless persons and certificates from the State Real Estate Register. Thus, the number of legal services provided by government agencies has been increased to 25. Baku “ASAN service” center No. 3 located in the Yasamal district is also ready for operation.

The head of state reviewed the center. The head of the department for work with law-enforcement agencies of the Presidential Administration, Fuad Alasgarov, said that one of the innovations applied here is the functioning of the “Exit poll”. This helps determine people's attitude to the services provided. This innovation also provides the opportunity to examine the quality of the services provided. The results of the survey facilitate the necessary action on certain issues.

It was noted that “ASAN service” is also known for a variety of social campaigns related to supporting creative activity. The center operates the “YARAT” area of contemporary art.

The President was informed about another innovation applied at the center – the electronic kiosk of complaints. By calling "108" from the center, citizens have the opportunity to express their views on the services provided and make suggestions via a live video link.

President Ilham Aliyev was familiarized with employee conditions at the center. It was noted that the goal of the “ASAN service” center is to provide legal services to citizens, ensure transparency, use modern technology and foster a new form of civil servant-citizen relations.

The head of state reviewed a map reflecting the range of activities of the “ASAN service” centers. Baku “ASAN service” center No. 1 provides services to residents registered in the Nasimi, Narimanov and Binagadi districts of Baku, the Sumgayit “ASAN service” center provides services to the residents of the city, as well as the Absheron, Siyazan, Shabran and Khizi districts of Baku, while Baku “ASAN xidmət” center No. 2 covers residents of the Khatai, Nizami and Surakhani districts. The new Baku “ASAN service” center No. 3 will serve the residents of Yasamal, Sabayil and Garadagh districts of the capital.

It was noted that using a Call Center citizens can enquire about all services provided and the documents required and join a queue online or by phone without coming to the center. To ensure transparency, the procedure of services will be continuously recorded on camera. The system of services is provided with modern IP telephony and IP networks. In order to regulate services, electronic monitors and notice displays have been installed. The center is equipped with surveillance cameras and displays reflecting the amount of state duties.

President Ilham Aliyev was familiarized with the “ASAN signature” project. It was noted that using the “ASAN signature” service, people can access the portal of the Ministry of Taxes and have documents signed using the “ASAN-dok” facility. In general, thanks to the service citizens can use mobile phones, computers and other mobile devices to freely and safely access all electronic services. All state and non-state organizations and citizens can send each other signed documents using this service. As a result, this will give an impetus to non-cash payments and further develop the relations between citizens and the state on the basis of mutual trust.

The President of Azerbaijan was presented with the “ASAN signature” certificate and a mobile phone with an “ASAN signature” SIM-card.

It was indicated that the key principles of “ASAN service” centers are efficiency, transparency, courtesy, responsibility, control over the rules of ethical conduct and comfort. The center is equipped with computers which have a permanent access to the Internet. The center is well suited for citizens to be able to use all kinds of electronic services.

It was noted that to give citizens the opportunity to spend their waiting time effectively, the “ASAN service” center has various functional services, including a bank, insurance centers, legal aid and translation services, a laboratory, a first-aid station, an internet café, a post office and a photo studio. Using the special terminals available at the center, people can pay their mobile phone, Internet, electricity, water, gas and other bills and make loan and insurance payments.

Admission to the center will be carried out on the basis of an electronic queue. To do this, the most sophisticated equipment has been installed. Using the web-site, people can join the queue, fill out electronic applications, send documents to various agencies electronically and use other online services. Applicants to the "Electronic Information Center" may examine the entire information, fill out an electronic application and print it out. Electronic bulletin boards and signs make it easier for citizens to obtain information. In addition, the centers provide citizens with 22 functional support services.

It was noted that Baku “ASAN service” center No. 3 also operates a "System for collecting biometric data". The system can take biometric pictures, fingerprint, make electronic signatures, etc. As in other centers, there is also a separate area for children here.

The “ASAN service” center provides a total of 25 legal services of nine state agencies – the Ministries of Justice, of Internal Affairs, of Taxes, the State Customs Committee, the State Property Committee, the State Migration Service, the State Committee for Land and Cartography, the State Social Protection Fund and the National Archives Administration.

The head of state praised the work done at the center and gave further instructions and recommendations.

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