Another news from “ASAN pay” system

The portal, which implements administrative fines and execution of court decisions, has been updated in terms of user convenience. Thus, a number of new features have been added to the portal.

One of the new features is getting an account of whether a citizen's current penalty is paid through the "ASAN pay" portal or not. For this it is only needed to access the section "Extracts" from the portal through the personal cabinet.

One of the other opportunities that “ASAN pay” system has created is sending SMS-free information to citizens on administrative penalties.

According to the new Code of Administrative Violations, the electronic protocol on an electronic protocol or administrative violation can not be demanded from citizens until the citizens are placed in the personal cabinet of “ASAN pay” portal.

It should be noted that citizens can pay their payments via via bank cards, as well in cash as via “ASAN pay” terminals.

Payment terminals are currently installed in the administrative building of the State Traffic Police Office of Baku Head Police Office, SOCAR petrol stations, fines areas, car stops, shopping centers and other public places where more population. The terminals network will be expanded in the future.

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