Mobile “ASAN Communal” continues

Taking into account the influx of citizens to “ASAN Communal” centres, mobile services by Azeriqaz PU will be delivered to citizens of Khirdalan, Mashtaga, Bakikhanov, Mardakan in the dates of August 1-31.

Via specially designed cars, subscribers will be provided with high-level of service daily following the standards of ASAN Communal in areas with the direct mass meter change.

Within this framework, citizens will be able to benefit from 20 services, such as: ::

Recovery of lost or damaged smart cards;

Issuance of debt and payment certificates;

Making changes to subscribers data;

Receiving payments for damaged counter meters;

Restoration of blocked cards;

The main objectives of mobile “ASAN Communal” are to provide public services in a more comfortable, new, and innovative way, to ensure accessibility and increase citizen’s satisfaction.

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