“Summer Festival” was held in Masalli “ASAN Hayat” Complex

The “Summer Festival” was organized by “ASAN Volunteers” Organization and ASAN Radio.

The festival, which took place at Masalli “ASAN Hayat” Complex, was welcomed by residents from Masalli and other districts and cities. Singers Sevil and Sevinj Sisters, DJ Roshka and others performed at the event.

Digital Volunteers of “ASAN Service” also participated in the “Summer Festival”. They informed the festival participants about the benefits of e-government, e-government services, electronic payments and the advantages of electronic services.

We would like to note that “ASAN Hayat” (“ASAN Life”) concept incorporates public catering facilities along with “ASAN Service” center. Thus, in addition to the operational and exemplary service, citizens enjoy leisure and entertainment opportunities. “ASAN Hayat” Complex includes various solutions to improve living standards for public’s comfort.

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