1000th employed ASAN Kadr (Worker) has been revealed!

Elmira Rahimli, a graduate of the “ASAN Volunteer” School, was the 1000th ASAN kadr (worker). He has been employed through ASAN Kadr as a loan officer at Bank Respublika, one of the leading banks of the country.

The “ASAN Volunteers” School implements various events in order to grow up and formulate ASAN Volunteers as professional staff.

For this purpose, the 4 years’ operating “ASAN kadr” Career Center directly supported the employment of 1000 ASAN Volunteers.

Until today, 1099 enterprises have been registered through the portal. Moreover, so far the center has implemented more than 25 training programs, and projects as Career Fair and SMM Business Breakfast with local and international companies.

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