Next day at "Harbiyya-101" camp

The 5th day at "Harbiyya-101" camp started with exercises for unarmed range movements.

As participants were moving towards Sultanbud forest, their cars were exposed to an ambush by special intelligence group. The scouts were moving from trees, pre-dug hills and campfires to blocking the participants and trying to capture them and their equipment. The participants, in turn, resisted and even went hand-to-hand combat with the armed scouts.

Despite the use of weapons and explosions, the participants continued to fight and defend their flags. Military Unit Colonel, Major-General Mayis Barkhudarov congratulated participants on their escape from the ambush.

Moreover, intelligence teams conducted an exemplary raid on enemy facilities. The enemy security guards were neutralized, capturing one soldier, scouts worthily fulfilled the tasks set.

Exemplary training on the operations of intelligence teams in the settlements were also provided.

Participants also got familiarized with masking of snipers and soldiers in different conditions, as well as intelligence weapons and optical-electronic devices, mini UAVs, mountain supplies and special scout clothing.

Team members mastered the rules of the movement with the help of a compass, as well as sports competitions for distance determination of 5 km were held.

Later, the Martyrs' Monument in the village of Kahramanli of Beylagan district was visited.

After midnight, the participants were alerted to a midnight alarm to check their vigilance.

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