2 years pass since the launch of the Labor Relations Monitoring Center

Established by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 1349 dated 28 April 2017, Labor Relations Monitoring Center of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan is a watchdog which works to protect labour rights of citizens, ensure provision of social allowances, strengthen control over legalization of labour relations, as well as to show methodological assistance to construction entities.

Inspections to multi-storey buildings during the last 2 years are showing successful results. According to statistics at the initial stage of inspections, 34% of employees working at various multi-storey building constructions were working without a labour contract, whereas nowadays this figure has diminished to just around 5%. Since the beginning of the monitoring, construction companies engaged in the construction of multifunctional residential buildings have signed 78,663 new labour contracts.

Statistics to the end of 2017 show that a standard subcontractor company would have 35 employees on average, whereas it is 70, which implies a twofold increase.

There have applied either administrative fine or financial sanctions to 90 of employers who had employees working without employment contracts or service (civilian) contracts, meanwhile criminal cases have been opened against 4 employers and various measures of fine and charges have been conducted. There have been applied fines and sanctions at around 1.5 million manats worth.

Throughout these 2 years, there have been organized meetings with nearly 300 employers and employees working at multifunctional residential buildings construction to raise the awareness, through which reasons behind illegal employment have been discussed, solutions have been suggested and methodical recommendations have been given.

The Labour Relations Monitoring Center recommends to employers to prevent illegal labour in the field of construction prior to labour contract in electronic form coming into legal force, to employees to demand labour contracts and to both sides to obey the rules of legislation.

Mobile inspections are currently being conducted and the outcomes will constantly be announced to the public.



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