ASAN Summer Festival Continues

“ASAN Volunteers” Organization jointly with ASAN Radio are holding “ASAN Summer Festival”.

Local residents, as well as people from other regions and cities, joined the festival, which took place at the “ASAN Hayat” Complex in Mingachevir. Singers Roza Zargarli, Zeynab Hasani, Aydin Sani and DJ Bazaur performed in the concert. “ASAN Volunteers” also took the stage to present dances and performances. Special program about the concert will be broadcasted via ASAN Radio.

Digital AS Volunteers from ASAN also attended the ASAN Summer Festival. They informed the festival participants about the benefits of e-government and its services, electronic payments and the advantages of the use of electronic services.

“ASAN Hayat” (“ASAN Life”) concept incorporates public catering facilities along with “ASAN Service” centre. Thus, in addition to the operational and exemplary service, citizens enjoy leisure and entertainment opportunities. “ASAN Hayat” complex includes various solutions to improve living standards for public’s comfort.

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