Azerbaijan Innovations Export Consortium is looking for Country Manager for Uzbekistan Representative Office

"Azerbaijan Innovations Export Consortium" (AZINNEX) makes a vacancy ANNOUNCEMENT for Country Manager in Uzbekistan Representative Office: Azerbaijan Innovations Export Consortium was created by 10 leading IT companies in Azerbaijan.

The work of the consortium is to organize the promotion and sale of the products and services of member companies in international markets. The country manager is expected to lead the Representative Office in the Republic of Uzbekistan and operate in the mentioned country.

The main activity directions of the representation office are to organize the operation of the "Azerbaijan Innovations Export Consortium" in Uzbekistan, to investigate existing tenders in Uzbekistan, to gather information on relevant tenders, to make tenders, to hold meetings with companies or organizations that have announced the tender for informing about AZINNEX.

The main tasks of representative:

1.     Providing access to potential customers of innovative products produced by Azerbaijan in the Republic of Uzbekistan and analyse of the economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan and its impact on the marketing strategy of the Consortium
2.    Implementing applications from potential customers, establishing partnerships with private and public agencies,  reviewing and responding to requests from these agencies, Investigate existing state programs and development concepts in the country and make proposals for implementation of cooperation and deliver them to the Baku office.
3.    To establish cooperation with international organizations and business entities operating in Uzbekistan and develop a plan of proposals for implementation of mutual projects with them;
4.    Preparation and submission of relevant analysis reports on the improvement of existing products and services and the release of new products;
5.    To develop plans for holding  forums, conferences, exhibitions or other events in various regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with the relevant action mechanism of the "Azerbaijan Innovations Export Consortium";
6.    According to activity direction to participate in the preparation and execution of the agreements between the relevant authorities of Uzbekistan and the Baku office (including the contract, memorandum of understanding, intent protocol, etc.)
7.    Investigating, processing and transmitting tenders held by the international, private and public sectors as well as international organizations;
8.    To collect required documents for participation in tenders selected by the Consortium and to act as a representative of the Consortium in those tenders;
9.    Carrying out the duties of the Executive Director and member companies of the Consortium on the activities of the Azerbaijan Innovation Export Consortium
10.    Follow the instructions on organizing and regulating the work of the consortium

Requirements for candidate:

Applicants must have the following qualifications and experience:
a) EMBA, Business management and organization, IT Management, Innovation Management, International economic relations, Complete higher education on International marketing;
b) Should be aware of latest innovations and trends in the field of Information technologies and innovations;
c) To know Russian and English languages fluently (knowledge of Uzbek language is preferable);
d) Minimum 3 years work experience in the relevant field;
e) To have sales and strong research skills;
f) To be ready calling to Azerbaijan or being sent on an official journey to other regions of Uzbekistan or other countries, if necessary;
g) To know special project management methods (Management methodics of project, longframe etc.);
h) High level organizational competence;
i) To have a vision of innovation and initiative;
j) Decision making skills;
k) Analytical research skills;
l) Participation experience in tenders.

Salary will be determined based on consent as a fixed salary. In addition to the salary, a pre-agreed interest will be paid as a bonus. The rent house will be provided by the Consortium for a person who doesn’t have a permanent residence in Uzbekistan.

Candidates who meet these requirements can submit their application form (CV) to the electron address with the title "Uzbek-Coordinator" by January 15, 2018.

For additional questions, please contact 012 444 74 33.

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